Friday May 24th

Cantatas Cycle (BWV 166 & 184)

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau (Sala Domènech i Montaner) - 8 P.M.

The theme of our concerts in 2024 is focused on the interpretation of the cantatas that Bach composed in 1724. This is our way of celebrating the 300th anniversary of their first performance. Indeed, 1724 was the second year of Bach’s stay in Leipzig and the intensity with which he composed his cycle of cantatas, producing one masterpiece a week, marked a truly unique moment in the history of artistic creation.

Our aim is to follow the wonderful path of the Bachian corpus, interpreting the cantatas at exactly the same moment of the year for which they were written. In this case, we present two inspired cantatas for vocal soloists composed in May of 1724.

Salvat Beca Bach Soloists
Maine Takeda, soprano
Matthias Dähling, countertenor
Marc Garcia, tenor
Charlie Baigent, bass

Bachcelona Consort
Katy Elkin, oboe
David Gutiérrez, traverso
Clara Creus, traverso
Alba Roca, violin
Cristina Altemir, violin
Núria Pujolràs, viola
Hanna Freienstein, cello
Daniel Tarrida, harpsichord

Cantata BWV 166 Wo gehest du hin?
Cantata BWV 184 Erwünschtes Freudenlicht

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