After the successful editions with Lluís Vilamajó, Ton Koopman, Carlos Mena and Masaaki Suzuki, we are offering again a unique opportunity for student singers and recently graduated singers to form part of a chamber choir conducted by Lluís Vilamajó, figure in the fields of antique and Bach music. The activities will take place in July of 2024, with the following calendar:

Project with Lluís Vilamajó – from 3rd to 8th July 2024
Program: dialogue Bach/Mendelssohn
Stage in Gijón and concerts in Vic and Barcelona

The project proposes a chamber choir of 3 or 4 persons per part, in which the singers may perform solos at the discretion of Lluís Vilamajó and Andoni Sierra.

The organisation offers lodging for participating singers from outside Barcelona.

The registration period is from 15 November to 15 December 2023. To register, just send an email to, attaching the following documents:

  • A video recording of antique music 
(preferably a link instead of a file)
  • An updated artistic CV

Once your registration has been accepted and after a preliminary selection based on the submitted material, there will be in-person auditions at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) on 5th and 6th February 2024.


Lluís Vilamajó and Ton Koopman
Sopranos: Natasha Schnur (soloist), Andrea Martí, Inés Alonso and Rita Morais.
Altos: Lara Morger (soloist), Maria Morellà, Helena Tajadura and Amalia Cuena.
Tenors: Ferran Mitjans (soloist), Roberto Redondo, Josep Rovira and Marc Martínez.
Basses: Oriol Mallart (soloist), Lluís Arratia, Joan Climent and Lucas López.
Concerts at Espurnes Barroques (11/6), L’Atlàntida de Vic (12/6), Sant Felip Neri (13/6) and L’Auditori (30/6)


Carlos Mena and Masaaki Suzuki
Sopranos: Maëlys Robinne and Lore Agustí (soloists), Amalia Cuena and Clara Enrich.
Altos: Helena Tajadura (soloist), Marcel Jorquera and Beatriz Peña
Tenors: Alberto Palacios (soloist), Marc Martínez and Ferran Passola
Basses: Joan Garcia (soloist), Oriol Quintana and Lluís Arratia
Concerts at Cripta Sagrada Família (30/6), Festival (a)phònica Banyoles (1/7) Festival Música Antigua Gijón (2/7) and L’Auditori (12/7)