Bachcelona Foundation, known as BZM Foundation from 2013 to 2020, is the institution organising and managing the Bachcelona Festival.

We are a non-profit organisation which, within the framework of the Bachcelona Festival, promotes participative events and dissemination activities, likewise supporting young talents and promoting interactions with such prestigious artists as Ton Koopman or Shunske Sato. These experiences allow young musicians to enter professional circuits which would otherwise be very difficult for them to access. With these same goals in mind, the Salvat Bach Grant – a project now enjoying widespread prestige – was created in 2014.

Moreover, with the will to share its passion with other fields of artistic endeavour, Bachcelona Foundation cooperates each year with an acknowledged visual artist, who creates the Festival’s graphic identity. We have already worked with such renowned figures as Tom Carr, Marta Montcada, Perico Pastor, Carme Miquel, Susana Solano and Perejaume.

Our work is possible thanks to the efforts of all our collaborating institutions and organisations, and above all to those individuals and enterprises who, with their voluntary contributions, help to make this project a reality.

In the course of the 8 years of activity of the Bachcelona Festival, we have held over 50 participative activities and over 150 concerts, (events involving different organisations of the city and presenting innovative formats), and we have managed over 25 grants for young soloists.

We wish to encourage you to be more than a spectator and to form part of our Foundation, helping us to make culture a fundamental right in the 21st century.

If you would like to know more about us, just contact us at

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