Every space, every room where Bach is sung transforms into a church.
Mendelssohn’s letter to his father (1835)

These poetic words show Mendelssohn’s deep admiration for Bach. Considered to be the main disseminator of Bach’s works, Mendelssohn once again performed Matthäus-Passion in 1829, after almost a century in oblivion. The event had an enormous impact and marked a turning point for the definite recognition of J.S. Bach’s work. Thus, this year’s concerts will consist in a dialogue between both musicians

This watercolour was painted by Mendelssohn himself in 1847 during the summer holidays with his family in Interlaken, Switzerland. It is an exceptional feat for a composer to be able to master another artistic discipline as Mendelssohn did. For this reason we have decided that his brushstroke will also accompany us during this edition of the Bachcelona Festival.